Hello, Frankie Fans.

Despite the lack of blog posts, life has been anything but dull here in the now Spring-blustery Pacific Northwest. I’ve had a large number of irons in the fire lately and am itching to get a few of them written up here for display and hopefully enrichment by others.

For now, allow me to list a few things that have been going on that are on my list to develop into future posts:

  • Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (aka ELK) for security log ingestion and visualization
  • Chef for infrastructure as code, repeatable environment testing, and standardized builds
  • Standing up internal Rstats users group
  • Attending Storytelling with Data workshop with Cole Nussbaumer
  • Election to the SIRA board, serving as the Director of Membership
  • Implementing a generational step forward with $DAYJOBs Application Risk Modelling with a Rstats-powered OpenFAIR model
  • Vulnerability metrics, vulnerability metrics, and more vulnerability metrics (moving towards replacing CVSS as a scoring rubric)
  • Shifting more date-driven security findings to a performance based approach
  • First steps towards use of Apache Pig for ETL jobs
  • Cloud-based deployment and automation
  • Service Catalog definition and strategic roadmap planning
  • …and more!

Lots of fun stuff. If there are topics that sound particularly interesting, please leave a comment so that I can prioritize those for write ups.