Yesterday Evaluator v0.1.1 was released to CRAN. This is a minor update to this OpenFAIR-based toolkit for quantitative risk management.

Highlights among the 45 commits since the last CRAN release include:

A major rework of all of the vignettes, making it much easier to get started!

Improved dependency management

  • Reduced the number of packages needed at install time
  • Better prompting on all optional packages when running the optional reports

Renamed summarize_all to the more descriptive summarize_to_disk

Updated for deprecated functions in both the tidyverse and in modeest

Saner defaults for the input and results directories, now defaulting to the local current working directories of ~/data and ~.results

Better CI testing

There’s a host of features currently in my backlog to be implemented in the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned for more but, in the meantime, please submit any problems you experience in the GitHub issues page!