I’m pleased to report that Collector is now back on CRAN. v0.1.3 is a very minor patch release that brings compatibility (and a hard dependency) on the new syntax associated with tidyr 1.x.

Life has been busy these past several months and I hadn’t worked on this code in a while. As I got back up to speed, this comment came to mind:

I’ll take it as a sign of growth that practices that were once normal enough to me now sound more like dark R’Lyehian speech. Stay tuned for some code spelunking in the future to true that code base up into something that future me can find fresh offenses to purge.

Complicating this update was the length of time I’ve been running tidyr 1.x. Five months has been long enough for me to forget about all of the various changes. In addition to the new parameter syntax of nest() and unnest() which were the main sources of incompatibility, the .drop parameter has been deprecated, requiring an explicit select() prior to the nest() to remove unwanted columns. This did give me a good opportunity to work with dplyr::group_cols(), which is a handy helper to add in the columns a tibble is grouped by to a select() operations.

And wither evaluator? Evaluator had no tidyr dependencies and has been happily humming along on CRAN. There are a number of open issues with requests for assistance that I need to dive into. Stay tuned!